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James Corden and Rebel Wilson strutted onto the Oscars stage with their tails between their legs to present the statuette for best visual effects to the team behind “1917” during tonight’s Oscars ceremony. Dressed as their characters from “Cats,” Bustopher Jones and Jennyanydots, the two joked about how they, more than most, understand the value of great special effects.

“It was my idea,” Corden told?Variety?on the red carpet before the show, taking credit for the joke. “They asked ‘Would I want to give one out?’ and ‘Who would I like to do it with?’ I said I’d like to do it with Rebel dressed as cats… So we’re going to run it backstage a couple of times and hopefully it’ll be fun.”

“Cats” was a commercial flop at the box office, grossing $71.8 million worldwide off of a reported production budget of $100 million. The film did not receive much help from critics, who almost unanimously derided the film,?most notably for its flimsy visual effects work.

“I haven’t seen it. There doesn’t seem to be much reason to,” Corden confessed. “You’ve got to be really careful sometimes to distance your own experience from whether something is successful. My experience was joyous. I had a really really really nice time.” The actor and host joked that he’d seen the musical already and with three kids and a show, he’s a bit pressed for time. “I might catch a bit of it on a plane. But… I can’t see any reason to watch it really.”

Full list of 2020 Oscar winners here.?

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